Two hearts – still intertwined. Great engraving idea!

renewedWe received an order from a customer in Wisconsin and we shipped the rings as requested.  The customer contacted us a few days later to let us know that the rings didn’t fit, however she really loved them and wanted to exchange her rings for different sizes.  We provided her with the information necessary, and let her know she could also use this opportunity, since the rings would be here in our shop anyway, to add custom engraving.

When we received the rings from our customer she had thoughtfully put down her engraving information, which was a design with two intertwined hearts.  Since that was all she said she wanted, we did call to make sure that she didn’t want anything else added to the engraving.  Upon talking to her we did decide to add some more verbaige to her engraving.  Since they were renewing their vows she decided to keep the intertwined heart design that they had come up with, and also add ‘Our love renewed 2013′.

After engraving her ring as requested we couldn’t help but fall in love with the intertwined hearts in the engraving, a great symbol of two hearts, becoming one – even after all these years.  We love when our customers come up with unique engraving ideas, and even more than that we love being able to engrave what they are looking for.  We always go out of our way to find a way to do what you are looking for.

If you are interested in our custom ring engraving services, we will be adding more in the next couple of days.  We will be able, on precious metal rings, to do color filled engravings.  These engravings can be done on the inside and the outside.  They are engraved with depth and then filled with a hard curing enamel to give it the look of being made from a mold.  This will be an option on many of our gold and silver rings, available upon request.  If there is anything you ever dream up, and want to run it by us to see if it can be done please remember you can always give us a call, or send an email over to with your request and we will do out very best to see if it’s something we can do, and what the pricing would be.

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