Tungsten Wedding Rings are great for military personnel!

Today is Veteran’s Day, and in honor of veterans everywhere we will be running a special of all military personnel.  So instead of reading the whole article, if you’re a veteran you can enter coupon code: 10offmilitary during checkout and it will save you 10% off of your entire order.  To answer your next question – yes we do delivery to APO/FPO addresses – this is no problem for us.  If you receive your ring in the field, and find that it’s too big or too small, we’ll even allow exchanges – at Ring Ninja we understand that military personnel in the field don’t have a normal schedule, and we are here to support you like you support us.

Tungsten Wedding Ringsare ideal for military deployments.  As a former vet, I understand that many soldiers like to get married before deployment.  It’s great to know that someone back home is waiting for you – and hey, the money is a little better as well ;)  Tungsten Rings will hold up to the everyday wear and tear that soldiers put their body’s through.  Hauling gear, weapons, and ammo around can be abrasive on most jewelry – but our line of  Tungsten Wedding Rings is made to hold up to just such abuse!  Oh and BTW, these rings are very good looking – they make great pieces of everyday jewelry as well as wedding rings, promise rings, engagement rings, and even as purity rings.  Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest materials on earth, so you don’t have to worry about bending or scratching like you would on a normal precious metal ring.

Gold prices are through the roof.  Can you imagine losing your ring on a deployment?  With a price range of about $50 per ring, and only another $24.95 for custom ring engraving you won’t have to agonize over the loss of a wedding ring if it should occur.  Don’t haul rings that are worth $100′s – $1000′s of dollars down range – this just isn’t a good idea.  They are going to show the wear that you put them through, and the risk of losing them is high.  One thing that often happens on deployment is weight loss (OK, and for some a little weight gain, lol, depending on your MOS).  With our lifetime exchange program it isn’t a problem – if you find that your ring doesn’t fit you can ship it back to us and we will exchange it for you – just email us first so we can give you the proper exchange instructions.  Since we delivery to APO/FPO’s it doesn’t matter where you are – we’ll get you you’re properly fitted ring!

So thanks for serving – we really appreciate it!  If you have any questions please call us, chat with us on Yahoo IM, or shoot us an email!  And don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter, we love being connected to our customers.

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