Tungsten Rings

To see our entire selection of Tungsten Rings click the link and  you’ll be taken to our Tungsten Ring Collection.

At Ring Ninja we have one of the largest selection of Tungsten Rings  available.  Many other large companies that sell jewelry often don’t stock their own products.  Typically you will need to wait anywhere from a few days up to two months before you receive what you’ve ordered in the size you requested.  Just walk into any mall jewelry store and see what they have displayed, then try to purchase it in your size – they almost never stock it.  The same goes for many of the websites that you’ll find on the internet today when doing a search for Tungsten Rings, or Tungsten Wedding Bands.

At Ring Ninja virutally all of the products that you find on our website are in stock and ready to ship.  We generally ship the same business day that you order, providing that your order is placed before 2PM Eastern Standard Time.  NO other retailer offers this level of service.  Even if you decide to have your Tungsten Ring personalized with our custom wedding ring engraving service – it will still be done the same business day.  If you order after the 2PM cut off time, we simply ship the next business day.

In addition to unparalleled customer service and a huge selection of Tungsten Wedding Bands, Ring Ninja also has unbeatable prices.  Our prices range from under $50-$70 for a single ring, and our sets (yes, a set of 2 rings) start at under $100!  That is in addition to the lifetime warranty/sizing program that is offered with every single Tungsten Ring that we carry.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email, or call our direct customer service line where a real person will answer the phone at 616-855-7376!