Titanium Rings

Ring Ninja has an ever growing selection of Titanium Rings.  Click here to view our entire Titanium Ring Collection.

Titanium was one of the first tool grade metals to be used in jewelry production.  For people that have severe allergies to certain metals, titanium can be a great alternative.  This exotic metal makes beautiful wedding rings, and they are quite strong.  While they don’t have quite the scratch resistance of Tungsten or Cobalt rings, they do hold up better than any other precious metal, and they certainly don’t need to cost a fortune.

One of the biggest advantages to Titanium Wedding Rings is that they are lightweight.  A majority of men don’t wear jewelry on a regular basis, especially rings.  If you happen to be someone that is looking for the lightest possible weight on your finger, then nothing is going to beat a Titanium Band. 

All of Ring Ninja’s Titanium Rings are made of aircraft grade titanium.  All of our Titanium Rings can be buffed and polished if they ever lose their shine, which is very nice.  All of the titanium rings sold here come with a lifetime warranty/sizing program so you won’t have to worry about looking for a jeweler than can resize your ring.  It is possible to stretch a ring and make it bigger, however we recommend against this as it often causes warping and damage to the ring, especially those with inlay’s.  Titanium Rings cannot be resized with conventional methods so using our lifetime sizing program will be the best option for you.

Any of the rings you order from Ring Ninja, Titanium Rings or otherwise will ship out the same business day that they are ordered, provided the order is received before 2PM Eastern Standard Time.  This includes orders with custom ring engraving, we do all of the engraving on site, unlike many other companies, and have a very fast turn around time.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email, or call our direct customer service line where a real person will answer the phone at 616-855-7376!