Letter from one of our customers in the United Kingdom

This was sent to us through our facebook page:

Hello, wonderful Ring Ninja We  have ordered these wedding rings last year in November and we got married this year in March. We have loved them from the first moment we’ve seen  them on your website.  They are tungsten made with a 18k gold band.  These wedding rings are the best and we wouldn’t trade them for all the diamonds and pearls in the world.

Call us naive, call us romantic, but we think that these wedding rings represent the best our relationship.My husband is a black man and I am a white woman and the rings are US, entwined together for the rest of our lives! We are really happy and we hope you will make many other people as happy as you’ve made us!

Thank you, Ring Ninja, for creating them and for giving us this opportunity of choice!

Anthony and Irenne  :) xxx

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