Irish Pride

At Ring Ninja we have the ability to engrave anything onto our rings, flasks, pendants, ect. Every once in a while we will be asked to engrave something that we think is really cool and unique, and with permission, we like to share those with you!

A few weeks ago a Ring-Ninja customer ordered a 14MM Titanium ring with a custom Claddagh engraving. The engraving turned out to be really cool! We thought that some other people may want a similar ring, so we decided to share the product idea.


BIEMS_kCUAEBHTrCreating the Claddagh ring inspired me to make an Irish themed ring as well. I decided to engrave my nickname with a band
of clovers on one of our 6MM Stainless Steel Pipe Cut Rings! I loved my ring so much that I decided to make one for my friend for her birthday! She loved hers as well.

If you would like your very own Irish Claddagh engraved ring, we can do the engraving on any of our Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, Tungsten, or Titanium Rings. We can also do so on our precious metal rings, but they take a little bit longer for processing. The only requirements for the engraving is that the ring is silver in color and is “flat” or “pipe” cut ring and it has to be 6MM in width or bigger. When you pick out the ring you would like your engraving on, when you check out simply type in the engraving box “irish pride claddagh” and we will know that you would like the Claddagh engraving!

If you would like your very own clover-wrapped ring, the same requirements for the Claddagh ring cut and width apply to this ring as well. When you pick out the ring you would like your engraving on, simply type in the engraving box “clover wrap” and also type in your name or any other text you may want and we will know what to do!

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