His and Her Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets

Ring Ninja has an ever growing selection of His and Her Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets.  These sets of rings are a great value.  They range in price from $100-$125.  Considering that the same rings in a jewelry store will run $300+ for a single ring, these prices cannot be beat!

Pictured here is our stunning set of His and Her Laser Etched Celtic Tungsten Wedding Rings.  This is one example of the stunning craftsmanship of all of our Tungsten Wedding Rings.  The Celtic Knot on these wedding rings represents two, intertwined as one.  Since this set of rings is made from solid pieces of Tungsten Carbide it will stand the test of time.  These rings are very difficult to scratch, in fact, a diamond is about the only thing hard enough to give these rings any serious scuffs, so if you’re out there mining for diamonds, you might want to throw on a pair of gloves :)

This set of rings has been extremely popular, and to complete the set, consider personalizing them with our custom ring personalization.  For just $24.95 you can inscribe a message to your significant other that will be close the them, forever.

All of our Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets are equally stunning and well built.  Please, take the time to check out our sets.  As always, if you have any questions about our products you can check to see if we are available via the live chat on the website, feel free to call us direct at 616-855-7376, or as always take a look at http://ring-ninja.com for our entire selection of products.

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