Father’s Day Is On Its Way!

Fathers just around the corner! This year the day-for-dads will be celebrated on Sunday, June 16, 2013. Don’t know what to get dear ole’ dad this year? No problem. Here at Ring-Ninja we generated a list of customizable gifts that we think would make perfect gifts:


1. Customizable Rosewood Knives:

These bad boys are a perfect gift if your father enjoys outdoor activities or knife collecting. Each of the knives in the Ring-Ninja Rosewood Collection are laser engraved with an engraving of your choice, making this gift option a great personalized keep sake. Check out the collection by clicking here.














2. Amigram Engraved Ring

ambigramThis ring is an example of a custom order Tungsten Ambigram Engraved Ring that we made for a customer last month. The customer that ordered this ring wanted to have his children’s names engraved on the ring; the final product ended up being really cool. An amigram engraved ring is a great way to fuse together the traditional aspect of engraving children’s names on a ring with an authentic engraving style. At Ring-Ninja we can make make this engraving on any of our Pipe Cut rings with the exception of our black pipe cut rings.





3. Customizable Flasks

Does your dad like to keep a flask on him? Do you think your dad would like a flask to keep on him? If so, Ring-Ninja has got you covered. We have 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz flasks, all of which you can custom engrave with whatever you would like. Each of our flasks also comes with a complimentary funnel! Check out our flask collection here.



4. Tungsten Bracelet’s

Our Tungsten Bracelets are made of Tungsten Carbide, an incredibly strong metal that will hold up for a lifetime. Each bracelet has its own intricate details; some of them even feature magnetic therapy! You can check out our entire collection here.


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