Custom Hebrew Laser Engraved Ring (Review)

We recently did a custom job for a customer that wanted engraving on a ring he already owned.  This type of engraving isn’t available on our site but will be in the near future.  With this type of engraving we will be able to do black marks on most alternative metal rings, be it silver or gold in color.  There are some limitations on precious metals like gold and white gold, so this process won’t be immediately available on those metals.  This process will only be available on the outside of rings, and can be done now upon request.  Cost ranges from $40 on up depending on what you are looking to have engraved on the ring.  Custom fonts, custom images, etc will be available in the near future.

Here’s the correspondence we received from our customer:

Dear Ring Ninja,

You did a terrific job with my ring.  From exchanging numerous e-mails about obscure Hebrew fonts, layout, and other details, to just-plain-NAILING the finished product, every step of the way you did right by me.  Anyone I know who needs a job like this taken care of will surely get a shining recommendation by me, of you, to them.

Here is a picture showing the great work. Please feel free to post this on your site!


Michael B

Michael we really appreciate the feedback and the picture.  If anyone else is interested in something like this feel free to email the details of your request to

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