Custom Engrave a Tungsten Ring for Christmas!

Here at Ring Ninja we love personalizing your ring with our custom engraving service.  We have a ton of fonts to choose from, and are capable of inside and outside ring engraving.  Many companies say that they custom engrave rings – but most just outsource the process.  We do all of our custom engraving right here in house!  Custom ring engraving is a great way to show someone you care about them.  They make amazing wedding rings, promise rings, anniversary rings – or just plain great pieces of jewelry. 

Many companies claim that laser engraving is better – but I’m going to tell you why it’s not.  There are two types of laser engravers used for engraving jewelry.  The best one is a YAG laser.  This laser can actually mark bare metal, however they are used exclusively by manufacturers (ie: if you check out ring selection you will find many that are custom laser engraved, this is the best way to do it when the rings are being manufactured).  This solution is designed for high production, and not to do just ring with a short message on the inside.  To top it off, these engravers run about $100,000 without even being set up for ring engraving.  NOBODY offers this.  When most companies sell custom ring engraving they are using whats called a CO2 engraver.  This is a good engraver for many products – but the can’t mark bare metal.  This means that in order to put your engraving onto a Tungsten Ring they need to use a product call Thermark, which bonds with the ring when the CO2 laser is used.  However, this is rubbing on your finger as you wear the ring all the time, and will eventually rub off.

At Ring Ninja, we use diamond tip ring engraving.  Our engraving machinary is second to none – and is very high tech.  We are able to control pressures, do a multiple passes, change tips midway through the engraving, whatever we need to do to make sure that your engraving is top notch.  Best of all – Diamond engraving will not rub off. 

Many customers have asked us – how long will it take to get my ring if I choose custom engraving?  Well the answer is that it won’t slow down the shipping process at all.  If you order your ring prior to 2PM EST (assuming it’s a business day), we will ship your ring the same day it’s ordered!  No other comany can compete with that. 

So check out our custom ring engraving page, then check out our awesome selection of Tungsten Rings, Titanium Rings, or Stainless Steel Rings, and get your personalized gift ordered today, in time for the holiday’s!

Ring Ninja engraving font samples.

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