Argentium Silver Rings

RNSVA016_AIn today’s men’s wedding ring category there are tons of styles and materials to choose from.  Let’s face the facts – this can all be a bit overwhelming.  Here at Ring Ninja we enjoy carrying a variety of different materials.  Among one of our newer materials that we have for order on our site are Argentium Silver Rings.

This isn’t your Grandpa’s silver – Argentium Silver is based an added element, germanium, that greatly reduces any of the tarnishing that you’d have seen in the past with the standard sterling silver.  It is also more wear resistant than traditional sterling silver as well.  Another great advantage is it’s color – this material will have a pleasantly whiter shade to it without having to rhodium plate it like other materials.

Some other things to consider when thinking about this new exciting material vs other non precious contemporary metals it it’s long term value.  While silver isn’t traditionally one of the more expensive materials used in jewelry production – the material itself is certainly more valuable than materials such as Tungsten, Titanium, or Ceramic based rings and jewelry.

In addition to being more valuable than contemporary metals, and more wear resistant than traditional sterling – this material is far easier to work with than any contemporary metals.  You can’t walk into a local jewelry shop and have someone work on a tungsten ring, or most titanium rings for that matter – however with a stunning jewelry piece like this – that is certainly possible.

The stunning men’s bands that can be crafted using this material combined with the fact that it is a naturally value material really turn these pieces a true heirloom piece.  Not only something that will stand the test of time and be easy enough to repair should necessity for this arise over the years – but it’s something that you can be proud to hand down to the next generation, and something they will very pleased to receive!

If you are looking for an affordable, yet incredible wedding ring or great mens band to wear as just an attractive piece of jewelry, we’d love it if you’d consider our Argentium Silver Rings.

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