Another Affordable Ring Set from!

If you are in the market for an affordable matching set of rings, ideal as either his and her promise rings, or that even make great his and her wedding rings, then this might be a great option for you!  This His and Her Gold Plated Satin Finish Ring Set is both classically styled and very unique at the same time.  These rings have that classic half round, also known as domed styling that have represented the basic wedding band for 100’s of years.  Not only that, these rings are comfort fit, which is pretty unheard of at this price point.  In addition to it’s traditional domed styling, these gold plated rings also have a satin, also known as brushed, finish.  If you are looking for a set of gold rings with a satin finish you’ll know this isn’t the easiest combination to come across, and at the price of just $32.99 for both rings – this is just a great price!

Additionally these rings can be traditionally engraved both inside and outside for just $15 per location.  For more information on our traditional engraving check out this page:  With their stunning gold plated satin finish, these rings are also ideal candidates for our laser engraving service.  With our laser engraving service we can engrave the outside of these rings in just about any font, or add just about any basic graphic you’d like added to the outside of these rings.  Utilizing our laser engraving service does currently require either contacting us via email ( or calling into customer service to place your order (616-855-7376 EXT 1).  Here’s a great example of the kind of customization you can do on your rings if you decide to utilize our custom engraving service:

Some great possible uses for these rings include a starter wedding ring set, promise rings, an affordable and comfortable set of rings to wear to work so you can save your expensive wedding rings, and a great set of rings to wear on vacation to help alleviate the worry of wearing expensive jewelry while you’re in unfamiliar territory.  Thanks for taking the time to read about one of our latest affordable matching ring sets, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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