Review and pictures from a Cobalt Chrome ring customer.

I just wanted to thank you for your help and patience in answering my questions about rings when we were shopping for the “right” ring.  (I purchased a 3mm cobalt ring in a size 4.5 back in April.  Noel in Alameda, CA.)

One of my hobbies is photography, so of course I had to take pictures of our rings so I could share on facebook and my blog.

Browsing through the pictures, you see that there are pictures of THREE wedding bands….

  • The mens band is an 8mm      Tungsten Carbide Pipe Cut size 9.5 ring that was ordered from Tungsten      Direct.  We ordered it months ago before we found your website, but      it looks like the same band that you have on your site.
  • There are TWO ladies bands      that are cobalt.
    • The larger one is a       4mm domed wedding band from (another company).  (You don’t carry a 4mm       band, but you can see what I was talking about when I asked you to       measure the height of the band.)
    • The smaller is the 3mm       cobalt band that I ordered from you.  Seeing them together, you will       understand how small my hands are and why that ring was HUGE on my hand       and just didn’t look right.

You’ll notice that the tungsten isn’t as grey in my pictures as it is in real life.  It was wicked hard to capture it outside.  If you’d like a nice metal comparison between the polished Tungsten and the polished cobalt, I can put both rings into my light box when my husband gets back this weekend.  For metal comparison’s sake, my engagement ring is palladium.  Palladium is harder than platinum, so we went with that metal.

One of the things that I didn’t like about your website and that made purchasing harder for me was the lack of ACTUAL photos of your rings, both on and off the hand.  From a marketing standpoint, adding those to your site would put you ahead of your competitors as lack of actual photos is a HUGE complaint on many of the forums that cater to those that are wedding jewelery or just jewelery shopping.  You are free to use my pictures, if you would like.

I really love the wedding band, I don’t take it off and it’s already taken a couple beatings that would have mangled the hell out of gold or platinum.  I’ve bounced a pyrex dish off of my wedding band when I tried to catch the dish as it fell off the counter.  The dish cracked after it hit my wedding band and exploded like an IED.  Ring was was fine, I ended up with minor cuts and glass embedded in the wood cupboards.    I wrangled a large dog on a stainless steel chain  that was trying his damnest to get at another dog and eat him.  Even with the chain wrapped around my bare hand and pinching my fingers, the ring was fine.  Gold or platinum would have bent and needed to be cut off. (Yes, that has happened several times.)  I was peening the tops of copper rivets after setting them and clipping off the excess while holding the leather down flat on the anvil with my fingers splayed out and a rivet between each.  I’ve done this hundreds of times with very few incidents.  This time I missed the rivet and hit my ring ringer, the peening hammer hit my wedding band.  The ring has a very slight scratch that you can’t see unless you use a magnifying glass, but it didn’t bend!!   So you can say that I am a happy camper!

Have a good week,

~ Noel

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